Privacy Statement for brokers

Who we are

BricksBlue is officially registered with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce as Nuvatefy S.L. with the trade name BricksBlue Real Estate portal, under number 21175408. Our office is located at Partida el Pla 20 in Crevillente in Spain. In the rest of this document, we use the name: BricksBlue.

BricksBlue is there to support you as a broker in your work. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We process your personal data. For example, you expect us to show your office data on our platform. We handle your personal data very carefully. In this privacy statement we would like to explain - in the clearest possible language - what we do, why and what it means for you.

First of all, we promise you that:

- we are transparent about the way in which and the purposes for which we process your personal data
- we do not store your personal data longer than we need it
- we use appropriate techniques to protect your personal data
- you have a high degree of control over your personal data
- we are reachable and available if you want to communicate with us about your privacy at BricksBlue

We use a few terms in this document that we would like to clarify in advance:

- BricksBlue platform: the whole of
- Object: a property (or commercial real estate) that is or has been for sale or for rent on the BricksBlue platform

To whom does this privacy statement apply?

This privacy statement is intended for you as a broker. At bricksblue we handle the personal data of brokers with care. We would like to inform you about how we process your personal data. We have drawn up this privacy statement for this purpose. Insofar as you use the bricksblue platform as a visitor, the regular privacy statement for visitors applies in addition to this privacy statement.

What personal data does BricksBlue process?

We process the following data from you:

A. Broker data: Data about your office, presentation data for your office page, data about employees of your office (incl. individual e-mail addresses and telephone numbers), address details, financial data, office profile, data that you fill in on forms.
B. Order data: products or services you purchase
C. Automatically generated data: such as IP addresses, browser data, data about your website use and use of features in BricksBlue/admin.
D. Sales data: number and type of Items in sale and the region concerned.
E. Customer contact data, such as e-mails that you send to BricksBlue's Customer Service.

The aforementioned data only apply if it concerns personal data, and can therefore be traced back to a natural person (this also includes the sole self-employed or associations.).

Why does BricksBlue process personal data?

It is necessary for us to process the personal data you provide in order to be able to offer and improve our services, and to keep our platform safe, fast and always available. It is also necessary to process personal data in order for our contact with you as a bricksBlue customer to run smoothly. In addition, we use your personal data for marketing purposes. By marketing purposes, we mean (market) analyses, statistical research, sending newsletters, targeted advertisements and other content and profiling. When we process personal data on the basis of the execution of the agreement or on the basis of a legal obligation, the provision of that personal data is a necessary condition for being able to use our services and products. We indicate optional fields as such.

Below is detailed for each purpose which personal data we process and on the basis of which legal basis we do so.


Personal data


Provision of services and products

A. Broker data

B. Order data

D. Sales data

Execution of the Agreement;

Legal obligation: insofar as it concerns financial information (invoices);

Charging services and products

A. Broker dat

B. Order data

D. Sales data

1. Execution of the agreement

2. Legitimate interest: Insofar as payment is not made, we have a legitimate interest in handing over the matter for the collection of our claim.

Improve services and products

A. Broker data

B. Order data

C. Automatically generated data

D. Sales data

E. Customer contact data

Legitimate interest: we use the data to tailor our services as closely as possible to the needs of our users. To limit the privacy impact, we use data at an aggregated level where possible. If we engage third parties for this, we make good agreements with them to safeguard privacy.

Safety and reliability bricksblue platform

C. Automatically generated data

Legitimate interest: we use the data to guarantee the quality of our services and the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the (personal) data that we process.

Customer contact

C. Automatically generated data

D. Sales data

E. Customer contact data

1.Execution of the agreement

2.Legitimate interest: We process your data to provide you with a good service. You are in control of which data you provide to us.

Market analyses and statistical research

A. Broker data

B. Order data

C. Automatically generated data

D. Sales data

Legitimate interest:

We use the data to make analyses and company reports, in order to keep a good overview of the functioning of our platform and to optimize our business operations. In some cases, we share the resulting insights with market parties, but only at an aggregated level.

Sending relevant newsletters and (telephone) tailor-made advice

A. Broker data

C. Automatically generated data

1. Consent

2. Legitimate interest: the interest to keep brokers informed of our products and services, for example brokers with whom bricksblue has an existing customer relationship. In addition, we offer an opt-out, so that the privacy impact is nil.

Show targeted advertisements and personalized content

C. Automatically generated data


How does BricksBlue obtain personal data?

Most of the personal data that BricksBlue has been provided by yourself or one of your colleagues. Examples include employee information that you add to the office information, information about yourself or your colleagues that you provide to our account managers, or feedback that you provide to BricksBlue yourself, for example through a survey.

BricksBlue also processes automatically generated information, such as click behaviour on our platform, your IP address and browser data. This takes place, among other things, with the help of cookies or similar techniques (for more information about this, see our cookie policy).

How long is personal data stored?

We only keep your personal data for as long as we need it for the purpose for which we own it, to serve you optimally or to comply with our legal obligations. We use the following criteria when determining the retention period:

- As a customer of BricksBlue, we can approach you with news, promotions or tips until you let us know that you no longer appreciate this. As soon as you do so, BricksBlue will only retain the personal data that is necessary to be able to demonstrate when you have informed us of this.
- We keep account details of your account in the bricksblue/admin as long as BricksBlue has a legitimate interest in doing so or until you want to remove them (or have them removed).
- Personal profiles that BricksBlue has at its disposal on the basis of profiling are stored only for as long as needed.
- We keep financial information such as invoices for as long as we are legally obliged to do so.

- If cookies or similar techniques are placed on your computer, the retention period is displayed in our cookie policy. Where possible, BricksBlue limits the storage period to the minimum necessary to perform the linked functionality.

With whom does BricksBlue share personal data?

If you register with BricksBlue as a broker to publish object data on the BricksBlue platform, we will of course publish the broker data you provide on our platform at your request.

We also work with third parties to provide and improve our services, for the security of our platform, to carry out marketing and to improve our customer contact. For example, we work together with hosting parties, communication parties who send e-mails for marketing purposes for us or contact you by telephone on behalf of BricksBlue, research and analysis agencies and with partners who perform the service on our behalf. To the extent necessary, we have made agreements with these third parties to protect your personal data, including agreements about technical and organizational measures to protect the processed personal data. To the extent that these third parties process the personal data at a location outside the EEA, they do so subject to appropriate safeguards, such as standard contractual clauses drawn up by the European Commission.

Should it occur that (one or more) parts of the company of BricksBlue are transferred to a third party, then as part of this acquisition or the preparation thereof, the (personal) data that BricksBlue processes may also be transferred to this third party. If this situation arises, BricksBlue will inform you in a timely manner via the BricksBlue platform.

How does BricksBlue secure personal data?

To prevent someone else from using or processing your personal data unlawfully, we have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures. We use, among other things, physical (access) security, passwords, encryption of passwords and encryption of data. 

What about social media?

BricksBlue does not include social media functionalities, such as like buttons or pixels, on bricksblue/admin. We have profiles on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. If you follow, like or view it, you provide us and that social media channel with personal data.

If you communicate with BricksBlue via a social media channel, the registration of our communication falls within the domain of the chosen channel and the terms of that channel apply. Insofar as BricksBlue processes that personal data for its own purposes, this privacy statement applies.

What about profiling?

Profiling is the collection of characteristics, interests and data of you as a broker, with which a profile is created. This way you can receive targeted and relevant information, actions and relevant invitations to events.

This is done on the basis of personal data obtained using cookies and similar techniques (see our cookie policy), combined with other personal data that BricksBlue obtains, such as personal data that you enter (for example, on forms available via

BricksBlue uses profiling to personalize information on the BricksBlue platform, telemarketing or send you relevant mailings, promotions and advertisements, to tailor our services and products to your personal needs and for an optimal interpretation of our customer contact. For example, we can analyse your actions on using cookies if you give your consent, in order to be able to respond more effectively to your wishes and needs. In this way we try to continuously improve the cooperation with you. No content will be remembered based on our profiling. 

What are your rights?

You have the right to clear, transparent and comprehensible information. You can always view, modify or delete your personal data that you have entered via your account in the bricksblue/admin. In addition, you can contact us to view personal data that BricksBlue has obtained about you in another way free of charge. You can also request BricksBlue to change or delete your personal data. Under certain circumstances, you can request bricksblue to transfer your personal data. In addition, you can request us to restrict the processing of personal data.

Insofar as we use your data on the basis of our legitimate interest, you can always object to this.

Where BricksBlue uses your personal data on the basis of your consent, you can withdraw that consent at any time. For example, if you receive a newsletter from BricksBlue and no longer wish to receive it, you can always unsubscribe (and thus withdraw your consent) by clicking unsubscribe in the newsletter.

You can easily delete or block cookies and similar techniques yourself. Please see our cookie policy.

If you make a request that relates to the way BricksBlue handles your personal data, BricksBlue can always ask you to identify yourself. If you send a copy of your ID proof for that purpose, we ask you to make your passport photo and social security number unreadable.

Questions or comments?

Do you have questions or concerns about your privacy at BricksBlue? Do you disagree with the fact that or the way BricksBlue processes your personal data? Or would you like to get in touch with BricksBlue's Data Protection Officer? Send an e-mail to [email protected].

We take all questions, comments and requests seriously and are happy to stay in touch with you about your privacy at BricksBlue, even if you are not satisfied with something. You also have the option to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Authority.

BricksBlue reserves the right to change this privacy statement and encourages you to check this page regularly. We will announce changes to our privacy statement by e-mail or on our platform.